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A little lipstick never hurts.
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. @jennycdelich of the newest season of @RealWorldMTV tells her makeup must haves.

Here are Jenny’s makeup must haves.

  • "I think one thing girls should do is use lip liner! Red Lipstick is also something I would love to see come back" - Jenny
  • She wore katvond ‘s red lip stain in episode one. 

It’s the first episode and I was already loving the makeup on these girls. That red lipstick though. It is always a must.

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"What’s in your beauty bag?" - xO stef

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. @ALLISONGREEN ‘s Makeup Must Haves

The lovely Allison Green (singer) of The Millionaires makeup must haves.

  • "Mac & tons of cheap s#%t that gets the job done. Plus lip injection lipgloss to make those lips luscious" -@allisongreen

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Such a late post. Better late than never.

What’s in your beauty bag? - xO stef

Photo Credit: Twitter

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Zoom #gold #eyeshadow

#gold #eyeshadow

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Zoom she is so talented.

she is so talented.

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